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Madden 13 Tips

Madden 13 Tips – There’s a Secret in the Run Game

If you’ve been playing Madden for more than a year, you know that there is always some gem to be uncovered. Gems come in many forms; it can be a rare A gap blitz or a play that exposes all coverages. The scheme I wish to discuss is the run to play action scheme. Madden 13’s play action is better than recent years; however, what I’m going to cover will improve your run and play action game tremendously. 

What I want you to do is come out in any play action play and hike the ball. You will notice that the screen zooms in and slows down. Now come out in a run play and hike the ball. You will notice that the screen zooms out. So on defense you can now tell if your opponent is in a run or play action, correct? NO

The concept we are going to show you will confuse your opponent in not knowing whether or not you are in a run or play action. The first step is to come out in any play action play. Second, audible down to a run play; preferably, a run w/ pulling guards (power O and counters), or zone concepts (stretch and inside zone). You will notice that the run play actually looks eerily similar to a play action, whereas, everything zooms in and slows down. Reading running lanes are a lot more effective this way and it also looks just like a play action. Since it slows down, you will notice that setting blocks are a lot easier as well. This is a concept that is not in the games manual or even in the Prima Strategy guide.

This concept also works in the opposite form. If you come out in a run and then audible to a play action, the screen will speed up and zoom out. How does this help you? Well, it makes reading runs and play action nearly impossible for the defense. When this principle is applied to an entire scheme, it can create headaches for the defense to guard. This is one of the many secrets that professional Madden players use to enhance their game.

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  1. MuteIsCool

    Will def try this. Nice work.

  2. T_SAVAGE85

    Hey do you have to run the play first than audible or just come out in play action then audible to the counter?

  3. onthemove

    hey litez what is a fav run/formation to audible in to?

  4. skxckddskka

    can u tell me a great defense play

  5. skxckddskka

    please respond

  6. Greg Stewart

    this is sweet Labbed and going to try it in a game soon>

  7. vdfvdf

    Thanks for the help!! Mohamad fattouh sucks at Madden.

  8. brian

    Thanks for the tip….. Can somebody tell me how some opponents get the handoff faster and have the quickest running backs?


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