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Madden 13 Tips

Want a Tip Out of a Specific Playbook in Madden 13? Voice it Here!

Whats up fellas!?!? I have been getting tons and tons of requests for play breakdowns out of specific play books. In my opinion, it would be unfair to everyone to give a specific person extra treatment over anyone else. So, this is what I am going to do for everyone, I’m giving you the ability to vote right in our comments box for any playbook you want to see a money play out of. ¬†Whichever playbook gets the most votes out of all the comments, I will give you a GRADE A play breakdown. I’m opening the voting the second this post goes up and I will tally all the votes on Wednesday September 12th, 2012 at 11AM.

The video breakdown will be released the following day!

I encourage everyone to vote! You can never have too many plays in your arsenal!






  1. TheFreakJ

    I vote for a Giants Defensive play that stops almost all runs

  2. xIamToddx

    Some sort of run D out of the 4-3 plybook

  3. MaddenNewbie

    Can you teach us how to run the Giants Dime Flat playbook? I’ve been quite impressed with it in your daily 100 and want to learn how to run that scheme!

    • MaddenDaily

      I use Dime Flat out of 4-3 Defensive book. Also mix it in with Dime Normal which is found in almost every playbook. I’ll count this vote as 4-3 playbook if you’d like

      • xIamToddx

        I run 4-3 pb but why dont i notice dime flat in there? Its just regular dime…i run a dime d by the way

        • Fiasco

          I’m sorry bro. I get confused cuz I run jax def. with a lot of 4-3…

  4. lott0042

    How about a mini-scheme out of the 46 defensive playbook?

    • MaddenDaily

      Hey lott, sorry but in order for me to count your vote, you must register with disqus. Its simple just click the “register with disqus” button with a valid email before you hit post. You can repost your vote once its registered. Thank you. -Fiasco

      • lott0042

        I gotcha appreciate it man. Let me give that a go.

  5. Shawn

    Atlanta offense.

  6. jumanji

    sf and multiple d

  7. Heatfanatic03

    Run n Gun offense

  8. Sean

    4-3 Book. Dime/Dime Flat/4-3. Possibly a 4-3 Under A Gap.

  9. bigdog

    49ers Offense

    • MaddenDaily

      We have a few plays out of 49ers playbook. Checkout our youtube channel you’ll find a few there!

  10. Moegoodie

    U should do a Carolina Panthers def & off scheme, for real!!

  11. Z-Zo

    Ravens O and D playbooks

  12. Prdaz

    sf offensive playbook, specifically pass but some run other then niners heavy out of i-formation and for defense multiple PB and zone blitzes with good coverage

  13. xIamToddx

    I went to a tournament this weekend in maryland, Havoc was using a zone blitz out of nickel wide nine, he was dropping his dbs back and run committing on the play and he would get a lineman to shoot the a gap a good amount of the time, im goin to the lab to see what i can get by run commiting. Just wanted to put it out there for u to see what u could do with this tactic…

    • LiteZoUt

      I was just looking at this tactic the other day lol but haven’t found anything significant enough to post. Thanks for the heads up.

  14. lott0042

    Hey Fiasco here is my revote lol – how about a nice 46 mini scheme with a gap, run d and max protect. Thank you sir!

    • Fiasco

      out of the 4-6 normal formation or anything out of the D-book?

      • lott0042

        4-6 normal would be great -thank!

  15. alford

    Can you do a video on go to money plays in the falcons playbook under any Gun formation. particularly 10 yards or more that can beat the LB but stay under the safeties and not get picked

  16. d money


  17. ugk503

    hey i use the new orleans saints love the team but when is the best roster set up pb on d and any help on d would be helpfull

    • Fiasco

      The way you set up your depth chart has to do what youre doing on offense and defense. what playbooks do you use as of now?


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