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Week 48 Membership Tips – Broncos Offensive Scheme Breakdown

Rich is back with another dominate scheme out of the Broncos Offensive Playbook. Denver is one of the most used playbooks in Tournament play. This ...
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Week 47 Membership Tips – Updated Carolina Panthers Offensive Scheme Breakdown

This past Oct-Nov, we released our first Offensive Ebook of the year and it was from the Panthers Playbook. Since then, we made changes to the ...
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Week 46 Membership Tips – 34 Bear Left A Gap, New 335 D, + More 43 Stack!

This week Rich is breaking down some New Miscellaneous Defenses that we haven't covered yet this year. For the last few weeks we have been covering ...
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43 under odd new defensive nano scheme for madden 15 in the broncos playbook

Week 45 Membership Tips – New 43 Under Odd Scheme plus More 46 Normal Defenses!

Last week we broke down the 46 Normal Flipped Shake Scheme. This week we are continuing the 46 Normal, but doing so without having to "shake." We ...
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madden 15 46 normal shake blitz - nano blitz

Week 44 Membership Tips – 46 Normal Shake FULL Defensive SCHEME

This week we are finally breaking down the 46 Normal Shake Defensive Scheme. This is Stiffs new main defense and I feel like it will also be a ton ...
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Dollar 326 shake defensive scheme madden 15 nano

Week 43 Membership Tips – Full Dollar 326 Shake Defensive Scheme

This week Rich blessed us with an amazing Dollar 326 Shake Defensive Scheme that is great against the pass; and even the run! In our opinion this ...
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