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How to Lock Down and Stop the Smoke Screen Route

Week 27 Membership Tips – Smoke Screen Defense + More Pitt O!

Madden Daily Members have known how effective Smoke Screens have been for months now. Finally Smoke Screens have gone mainstream and as you know, ...
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Best Cover 1 Defense in Madden 15 , Shotgun Split Close

Week 26 Membership Tips – Best Cover 1 Defense, Motion Fade Defense, Face Catch Man Defense, Gameplay, and Gun Split Close Scheme Cont..!

This week we have  a very quick and easy setup to use Cover 1 Defense that may just be the best Cover 1 in the game due to the amount of adjustm...
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madden daily ravens defensive ebook

Buy Our Madden Daily Madden 15 Ebooks!

As we revamp the sidebar of our website, I just wanted to make a quick post with the links to Buy Every EBook we put out this year. Our newest ...
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Steelers Offensive Playbook Madden 15

Week 25 Membership Tips – The Start of the Steelers Offensive Breakdown!

This week we are starting the breakdown of the Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive playbook. We also break down 1 more deadly way of scoring in the red ...
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Death To PA End Around

Week 24 Membership Tips – The Conclusion to PA End Around – #DTPAE

This week we are taking the beast that is PA End Around and putting it to bed. We broke down a Zone Defense to lock up this play while also adding ...
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Week 23 Membership Tips- “All Fades Everything”

This week we are breaking man coverage in Madden 15. We show you two ways to absolutely destroy any man press coverage by using "Stock Fades." We ...
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