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4 receivers on one side = flood

Week 33 Membership Tips – Formations that Will Definitely Be Effective in Madden 15

This week, we are going to take a look at 3 Offensive Formations that we feel will definitely work in Madden 15. Each formation that we dissect has ...
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Chicago Bears in madden 15

Madden 15 – Chicago Bears Team Breakdown (84 Overall)

The Chicago Bears start the Madden 15 Season with an 84 Overall. They have the best 1-2 Wide Receiver Punch in Brandon Marshall (96 overall), and ...
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custom playbook scheme2

Week 32 Membership Tips – Custom Playbook

This week we are ending the Madden 25 Season with a scheme from Rich's Custom Playbook. Since Madden 25 is pretty much over, instead of going ...
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Madden 15 steelers team breakdown

Madden 15 – Pittsburgh Steelers Team Breakdown –

In this video we are breaking down the 78 Overall Pittsburgh Steelers Team on Madden 15. We talk about their key players, additions and losses to ...
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nickel prowl 2

Week 31 Membership Tips – Nickel Prowl Scheme Continued (3 Man B Gap!)

This week we added some really nice Nickel 155 Prowl Plays to add to your scheme. A lot of our members already said that the Nickel Prowl Scheme we ...
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Madden NFL 15 News: Top 5 Rated Middle Linebackers

San Francisco- Patrick Willis - 96 Overall He's been the top dog in Madden for years now.  90 speed MLB with 97 hit power and that just covers ...
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